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CFR takes you on a journey deep into the Universe of Cryptocurrency and
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CFR Community Builder Rewards.
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CryptoFundRaiser rewards our active Community Builders with Unlimited Incentive Bonuses.

A well thought out and implemented Community Member Referral Program has been created and developed to compensate our action-taking Members.

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We Offer You Training, Coaching and
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Our simple & powerful program is designed so that 95% of all purchases made are paid out to the Community to reward those who put in the time and effort to build the CFR Community.


If you're new to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and this whole new arena, CryptoFundRaiser is a safe-haven:

✔✔ Honest owners/admins with proven track records and who have been around for years.

✔✔ Awesome Leaders who have hearts and minds to serve you, our Community. You're never on your own at CFR.

✔✔ Outstanding, experienced programmers & tech support to keep our ship running smoothly.

✔✔ Exact instructions how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. No more wondering and worrying what to do.

✔✔ Best resources which are continuously being updated. If it's cryptocurrency related we have it or we'll find it.

✔✔ Via our online Member groups, live trainings and meetings, videos and text guides we help everyone from beginner to experienced crypto enthusiasts navigate this exciting field on a daily basis.

✔✔ Everything related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Training, research, trading, investing and much more under one roof.


Business Strategy

We work together to build successful cryptocurrency business plans that are designed to earn maximum profits for everyone.

Educated Analysis

While some may rely on hype and unrealistic expectations..CFR never substitutes hype and flash for quality and substance.

Successful Solutions

Being able to rely on real-life experience and knowledge helps you shorten the learning curve and achieve success faster .



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DISCLAIMER: CFR is not an investment program or an HYIP. We do not guarantee any profits or income whatsoever. CFR offers Membership options to learn about cryptocurrency investing and we have an affiliate program (our CFR Community Builder Awards program) which pays our affiliates on membership sales only. How much you can earn as a CFR Affiliate is completely dependent on your own sales, marketing and team building.