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Welcome to  Our sole focus at CryptoFundRaiser is on providing our valued Members with a seamless, simple, safe and completely transparent Cryptocurrency Team Crowdfunding Platform.
PLUS our highly valuable product the Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing Platform puts you front and center to discover all the possibilities and opportunities in this new and exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain space. A space where such reknown business people such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson and many others recognize it to be the biggest thing to hit the world since the Internet!
Our Crypto Crowd Funding Platform is unlike like ANY other Bitcoin
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First, the crowdfunding... it is possible to generate  over $800,000* worth of Bitcoin** starting with a one-time-only-out-of-pocket $50 purchase
It's all due to our dynamically designed Crypto Fund Raiser Rounds which allow you to systematically increase the size of funds you are able to receive as your Crowdfunding Team purchase volume grows!
Furthermore, every time you make a purchase or someone on your Team makes a purchase you or they receive valuable RAISR Coins that can be saved and used to purchase additional Training and Software to help you become more and more successful in the Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency/Blockchain investment world.
You will also soon be able to trade RAISR Coins on the open market!
Simply use our exceptional automated tools and resources to easily invite friends, fans, business partners and associates into your Crypto Crowd Fund Project. 
Our Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing Platform
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We believe the blockchain and cryptocurrency market has a bright and wonderful future. We want to help our members learn as much about this market as possible. From a trading and investing perspective as well as a perspective on all the possibilities that are opening up in this industry.
Investing directly into coins and companies as well as building coins and companies is what is on the horizon. Investing in cryptocurrency mining operations, cryptocurrency hedge funds and much more. An oil boom is underway in the blockchain technology industry. Nothing like this has been seen since the early Internet days of the late 1990's & early 2000's.
DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS!! limits...anyone can do this. All it takes is a little bit of Bitcoin to get started. From there the sky and above is the only limit.
The future is happening now and we're standing at the very early stages of a huge wave of opportunity.

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*Disclaimer: There are absolutely NO guarantees of how much you can earn or if you will earn any income whatsoever as a Member of CryptoFundRaiser. It is completely up to you; your crowdfunding team's efforts; how you and they successfully use our team crowdfunding platform as well as the purchases of your crowdfunding team.

**If you don't use Bitcoin yet we'll show you step by step how to get set up. We'll show you exactly how to turn any fiat currency into Bitcoin almost instantly.