Fund Your Dream with the Raiser Token.

Features & Specs

The Raiser Token was designed to provide opportunities for blockchain-based services and apps to save as well as earn in multiple NEW ways previously unnavailable to most people.


RAISR is an ERC-20 token running on the world-class Ethereum blockchain.


RAISR's total supply is 55,000,000. There will never be more RAISR's than that number.


Contract address: 0x02E2c4E6b91734f1F3D2Cf4Bc4ec4dB4A51bF04F
Symbol: RAISR
Decimals: 18

Token Wallet

Keep Raisers in any ERC-20 compatible wallet such as or

Why the Raiser Token

Raisers give it's users the ability to save as well as earn on multiple websites, platforms and DApps.

Crypto Investing Advisory & Training

Crypto Games

BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)

Step into the future with CFR and the Raiser Token

With CFR you can travel to the moon and beyond
and the Raiser Token is Your Ticket to fly.