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Thanks Rick and Petra for this awesome platform. Its great to finally find honest and transparent owners of a legitimate opportunity. The fact that CFR is working for me means that literally it can work for anyone. Wesley Arnold

I joined because so many work just as hard for the 5, 10, 15 entrance fees, making so little on levels and CFR has a superb payout....happy to be here!!

Crypto Fund Raiser is going places as a group. "Justdoit" by getting on board and doing your part. Do not sit and depend on spillover. When they come so be it. I am currently scouting out different forms of advertising to get the TadaCoin/ Crypto Fund Raiser moving and ROCKIN!!! Group we ALL WILL do this if we all do our part! Sonia Mclean (justdoit)

Have you ever experienced the “coming together” of your hopes and dreams and plans? When all the pieces begin to fall into place? That is exactly what we experienced when we were introduced to CryptoFundRaiser. We had already been investing in Bitcoin; we were just at the beginning stages of starting a crowdfunding project for The Naked Hippies. It was a perfect fit!

From prior experiences of working with Rick and Petra, we had been extremely impressed by the level of integrity and trust and vision they exemplified. We took a detour in our travel plans and headed our camper to Santa Monica to spend time face-to-face with Rick. It’s something we do as much as possible … sit down with the founder of the company, break bread, share ideas … and most of all, have that up close and personal experience to solidify what we knew and felt about the person. His knowledge is exceptional, his heart is genuine, his vision is magnificent.

With CryptoFundRaiser, we have something that is easy to present, logically grasped, and self-motivating as you see the potential for investing in your future, your freedom. It fits The Naked Hippies Way of doing business in this industry … the more we help others, the more we are helped. Isn’t that what we’re all here to do?

Trisha and Bruce Barnes
The Naked Hippies

This is for all you newcomers. I would suggest you upgrade to a Pro member to get ALL the inside information. I sure am glad I did a few months ago. We have no hype here so don't look for it Just follow what Rick and Petra tell use to do and we will all be very happy campers down the road. No one left behind. Check the charts Bitcoin went over $2,000. yesterday, so most coins followed that trend. Folks I am praying we are headed in the same direction. Get on board today. Just Do It! (Sonia Mclean)

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